Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 97

Baseball season has begun.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 96

Norah went to California Pizza Kitchen with her Daisy troop for a fun field trip. They toured the restaurant and then got to make and eat their own pizzas. It was a ton of fun!

Day 95

Oh, if only to be a cat. Such a rough life it would be.

Day 94

If we had the front yard to do so, I would plant a magnolia tree in a heartbeat. Several yards around here have them and I love to look at them. Its so sad when the first rainstorm comes through and all the blossoms fall off.

Day 93

Bleeding heart. Its such a cool flowering shrub.

Day 92

Enjoying the colorful signs of spring all over my yard

Day 91

I love how she plays with toys. A Magnatile house. Lego submarine & diver. Star Wars girls & animals. LPS cat. What an imagination.

Day 90

She got her brown eyes from her mama, who got hers from her mama, too. But they're not like mine. Mine have flecks of gold in them. Hers are deep, dark brown. A dark brown that I've never seen on a blonde before. Granted, she doesn't have the blonde like I did as a child. But she's blonde. With olive skin and dark dark brown eyes. And the brown eyebrows and thick, long eyelashes. Such a lovely combination.

Day 89

My first tulips of the season - my coral fancy tulips. You know - the ones w/ the pointy edges. She picked one of the first ones that came up. It just about killed me, because not only was there no stem for me to put it in water, but she left it on the ground. To lay there and wilt.
So is life, eh?

Day 88

Another day, more dress-up fun!

Day 87

The kids are really, really into dress-up lately. Especially cross-dressing.

Day 86

Baby Ethan and his great-papa Jack

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 85

My first daffodils to bloom!

Day 84

Springtime = bubbles! I think its cool that the reflection of Norah and the house is so clear in the bubble.

Day 83

This photo makes me smile. My sweet nephew*, Ethan. My cousin was hoping to get a photo of him with his basket, but apparently, he decided to go to sleep just as she was going to sit him down. And he wouldn't wake for the life of him.

*I think that technically, he's my first cousin, once removed, since he's my cousin's baby. But for all intents and purposes, he's my nephew.

Day 82

I forgot to take a photo again. Ack.

Day 81

Day 80

Apologies to anyone who is skeeved out by feet...

April 1st. It was true...March went in like a lion and out like a lamb. It was in the 80's on April 1st! Flip flop and shorts weather!! This photo commemorates the first day that I wore flip flops this season. Happies.

Day 79

Norah's Daisy troop went to a local upscale resale shop where they learned about recycling. They had to bring an old t-shirt and got to make a bag out of it. For several days after, Norah sported the shirt collar as an 80's style headband.

Day 78

While the kids were at school, I made some tulip and butterfly cookies (closest thing to easter cookie cutters I have!). It took A LOT to hold myself back from decorating them myself and making them pretty. But I did it. And the kids had a ball decorating them.

Day 77

One of Aidan's favorite things to do this spring is to shoot hoops